Tutoring adventures, part 2

In fact, I shall skip the actual tutoring part, as it went perfectly well, and was not as tricky (for me) as the last time.

As I have mentioned, I help my 9-year-old brother with his homework when he requests aid, and tutor him in mathematics and science over the holidays – and just whenever, really – much to his chagrin. Today, as we were packing up study materials, said brother started:

“Imagine you are in a room with no doors or windows, how would you get out?”



Followed by raucous laughter at his own cleverness (learnt from a friend at school – the joke, not the laughing). I had to laugh along – it is quite clever (if you did not already know the answer). Personally, I am a fan of little word games and brain-teasers (or whichever term one uses to describe such games), and am patronisingly pleased that the brother also delights in them. It is certainly better than the time he demonstrated the new swear words he had learnt (I am guessing from a different peer) at school (and we are talking about a reputable school here). I am aware that everybody will more than likely learn swear words at one point or another in their lives, but am perhaps old fashioned enough to feel that they have no room in the vocabulary of a child. Besides, I like passive aggression better.

Back to the tale. I suggested:

“Okay, let’s see who can say the alphabet the fastest!”

“*rapid fire*A, B, C…”

“The alphabet!”

“…L, M, N…what?”

I learned it many moons ago from a Swedish edition of a Donald Duck comic book. So I am a big kid at heart.

Would you care to contribute a word game of your own?


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