Celebrities and Science

Sense About Science have released (around Christmas, I admit) the latest instalment of the “Celebrities and Science” report for 2011. (So yes, I am a little behind, but decided that this was worth a heads-up in case anybody missed it at the time, like yours truly.) The report discusses science in the mass media, often referenced verbatim from the mouths of “celebrities” and other well-known persons, and their effect on the public, and therefore by default, on the scientific community.

It is not a dig at thick people. However, it is understandably frustrating for scientists who have worked for a long time on their projects to (likely) have to see information with far less underlying research reach a wider audience, simply because the “messenger” has a bigger trumpet.

This year, ways of boosting your body – think supplements, magic bracelets, diets and detoxes – are included in the royal treatment, and apparently some celebrity claimed that the reason for the saltiness of seawater is whale sperm… All in all, I think it is a great little report (even in its layout!) and beyond worthy of a coffee break.


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