New Year, New Aspirations

Happy Belated New Year!

Hope you have had a good holiday, and are ready for new adventures. The blog has had a slight revamp: the visual aspects, as well as implicit promises to write more.

The “subtitle” has changed in line with my new intentions for contents – my enthusiasm for better science education for young people remains, but are currently being acted on “in real life” or IRL, as the cool kids call it – so the blog will be more varied. Variations that will hopefully yield more interesting reading and interactions.

Getting started may take a short while, as I like to edit and double-check my material to make sure all is well. In the meantime, I offer up a clip I made for my 9 year-old brother during the holidays. If we ever worried that video games were making children violent, perhaps the concern was not completely necessary.

Feedback always welcome.


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