Writer’s block

I would not call myself a “proper” writer (yet), but I like to think that I am capable of constructing texts that are either entertaining or of some value for one or other genre of audience.

As this is a tentative communications blog with science as a focal point, I try to maintain the original intentions I had when I started this project. Although there were several intentions. There were two main ideas:

  • Providing a fun resource for young school pupils in regards to science, and
  • Practising my own communication skills.

Frankly, I am not sure that this blog has gone either of these ways, but while it may be good to rethink the focus of my content, I am certain that I have not outgrown my ideas in the first place. I did dive into this business head-first with a clear specification, but perhaps I need space for general texts too? “Write about what you know.” Writer’s block supposedly manifests when one finds it difficult to produce new copy, usually because they consider their work inferior to their peers. Personally, I fully expected to enter at the bottom of the pile, as there are so many excellent (and high profile) science blogs out there (should I do an entry with the ones I like?), but perhaps it would have been more beneficial to start with writing about daily life and musings?

Penny for them, anybody?

Addendum: HERE is Merlin Mann’s most excellent ideas about “hacking” oneself out of writer’s block. Worth a read. (Even if you do not tend to suffer from such maladies.)


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