Tutoring adventures

Not my working. (Image borrowed from here.)

The tutee in question is my nine year old brother, and the subject is usually mathematics, like in this case, or science. (Yes, I do feel very old with such a young sibling.) This is came out of one of our sessions:

Brother: “Set me a division question!”
Me: “Okay, what’s 144/12?”
B: “12! My turn… what’s…. 123/13?”
M: “Errr…*Grabs paper to do long division* 9.461538 with all the decimals recurring?”
B: “*Checks with calculator*…yes. But I was faster than you!”

He is clearly too smart for me.

For the record, this was after the structured part – where I set questions according to the level at which he is learning at school – when freestyling is allowed.


3 thoughts on “Tutoring adventures

  1. Sv: Haha, fråga mig om en månad så är jag kanske inte lika överlycklig i att gå till jobbet, eller strax innan jul för den delen 😉 Glossies lät ju bättre, det ska jag börja säga istället! 🙂

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