NORWAY, and and a second attempt at a personal post

I realised that the previous entry was not so personal after all. So, in “dear diary”-style: this morning I caught up with news about the attacks in Norway… I cannot quite find the words to describe precisely how revolting it all is; I beat down on my project as I saw a friend this whole afternoon; my morning was accompanied by the Czech prom that was played in Royal Albert Hall the Wednesday-just-gone.

Many bloggers have written reactions to the events in Norway, and I felt that Clara (note: blog in Swedish) made an excellent point, atop the sympathies: we react extra strongly when the terror and misfortune happens close to us. People are starving in Ethiopia and 48 Congolese women are raped each hour. These pieces of news are reported too, but they sink through the layers of priorities in the face of immediate danger (or hacking scandals). This is completely understandable, but I do feel a tinge of shame that I voice my concerns less when the terror (thrown up in the air, or hidden behind bureaucracy) happens further afield. For now I send my warmest sympathies to friends and their families in Norway.

always a way
There is always a way... Norwegian PM: "The answer to violence is even more democracy."

That doorway happens to be the way to a rather charming cafe’s back garden, but life is never that easy.

…speaking of life and easy, I contemplated documenting interesting bits of science communication I have come across when doing research for my project (which leaves me little of the former and does not represent the latter very well either), which is has basis in radio. Would you like that?


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