Food Diary – June 30, 2011 – and… general feelings about this month’s food

Well, that was that, quite simply. A quick glance through the folder containing photographs of this month’s intake shows a most peculiar lack of correlation. Apart from the contstant coffees, of course. I like to think that I have generally eaten ‘lighter’ foods this month, and even my thrown-together meals (a.k.a. Lazy-Girls Dinner, maybe I could make that into a fast food company?) do indicate a change of season. For instance, there were a lot of baked-potato-based meals in November, whereas in June those were likely to be a salad or an omelette with miscellaneous things tossed in.

I may be wrong, as I have not tabulated the foods yet, but I think there were a lot fewer biscuits this month too.

Slightly delayed: the final day of the experiment.


Coffee (with milk), toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel.

I tried to make a smiley-face with the day’s snacks.

Two brownie-muffins, a BrunchBar and a banana.

Lolcat-jokes are unacceptable.


I think I have found my caffeine rhythm: one serving first thing in the day, second serving about an hour into the working day. Then the final, VITAL just-after-lunch serving, or my consciousness has no chance in the afternoon. There may be a cuppa after work too, but that is optional.

Cuppa tea.

After work, there was an impromptu-meet-up with a friend. They were handing out free chocolate at the cafe. Who was I to say ‘no’?

Appletiser and some dark chocolate.

Lazy Girl’s Dinner. Could not be helped. After which, I was ambushed by my housemate and presented with Maltesers. A LOT of them.

Tomato, olives and cheese on (oat) toast, with basil; orange juice, maltesers (not the whole box).

Water count: ~2l. Good end to the month there. Since I have been discussing it throughout: I am now starting week seven on my running plan, and am beginning to feel like an actual ‘runner’, so to speak. I still recommend the plan vigorously to anybody who wishes to do something about a lack of exercise in their life, and will definitely carry on running after the plan is completed.

I will tally up this month’s food as soon as possible, but this next immediate week will be rather busy for me, so I apologise for any delays in advance. Hope you have been intrigued (for wont of a better word) by the experiment!



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