Food Diary – June 29, 2011 – and… the virtues of working in an office

Principles of working in an office environment:

  • You will start the day pretending you are a yuppie in the Eighties, but with a girly side.
Coffee, buttered bagel, brownie-muffin.
  • You will measure your daily intake of provisions carefully as not to oversnack. Pardon me – ‘overeat’.
Bottle of squash, tea, sandwich (defined later), two clementines, brownie-muffin, banana.
  • You very much WILL eat peculiar combinations of foods.
Tripledecker on oat bread, with cheese, Brussels pate, margarine and avocado.
  • You will fail to count calories towards mid-afternoon.
Mars-bar cake. Yes. "OMG" is the right reaction.
  • You will need a pick-me-up. Though being responsible, not an alcoholic one.
Cereal bar with raisins and doused in chocolate. (For those who do not live with BrunchBars.)
  • You will eventually find that fibrous foods are indeed good for you.
  • You will learn to cook fast meals, in order to avoid fast food.
Spinach, spring onion and cheese omelette, with - what else? - ketchup.
  • You will adjust your snacks to suit your fast meals.
Honey-nut shredded wheat. Good snack. Obvidently. (Portmanteau for obviously and evidently, sort of reinforces what you are trying to say.)
  • You will drink a lot of water. Water count: ~2l.

Should have mentioned, I sit next to the actual water-cooler in the office. It is truly a common conversation place. Today, the conversation was about getting £5-notes out of cash machines.


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