Food Diary – June 27, 2011 – and… science on the radio

Well, radio and podcasts too I suppose. Considering I need a form of official licence if I wish to survey people on a large scale for my current project, I was hoping that those who read this little blog are willing to provide snapshot versions of opinions. Personally, I seem to get most of my audio-science fix via podcasts, as the usual science time-slots seem to be scheduled when I am either at work or too tired after work to fully absorb the goodness.

Do people still listen to radio? Do people listen to the science programmes on radio? If you are already listening, and a science programme comes on, will your ears perk up? Do you actually hone in on the science programmes, and select your listening times per se? Do you follow any science podcasts? What do you like to hear about? How long should the programmes be? Should they be funny or serious? Ought they contain music? … I hope these questions can stimulate some thoughts that you are willing to write about in the comments.

Buttered toast with ham, banana, coffee.

Soon enough, it became very hot. Especially after I cleaned the house.

Skinny chocolate brownie ice cream.

Ice cream and sunny weather. I have learnt from the previous day’s escapades. (Decking on my bed at 2230 hours from headachiness and being out cold until my alarm went at 0830 hours the next day, to be precise.)

Orange juice, cinnamon and raisin bagel (buttered), fish fingers and two plums.

Mid-afternoon snack.

Honey not shredded wheat. No milk.

Upon realising I had not used my lazy girl’s dinner “tickets” much in the past week…

Prunes (about 8, not the whole box), pizza with fresh tomatoes and olives.

Then, silly as I am, I decided to bake late at night.

Chocolate brownie muffin.

Just right and chewy. Water count: ~2l. I know what to do when it is hot. Hope you are enjoying some good weather too.


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