Food Diary – June 26, 2011 – and… heat exhaustion

So, I have been ridiculous again. Against my better scientific judgement, I was lured outside by “it looks so nice out there”, to go for my run in the middle of the afternoon. Already halfway through I was feeling “THE BURN” (say that with imagined reverbaration) an awful lot more than usual, but absolutely wanted to push through. I returned back home with a pounding headache, mild dizziness, super-dry mouth and throat and being able to hear my heartbeat in my ears. And generally feeling very warm. The saving grace would probably be that I put suncream on before I ventured outside.

Heat exhaustion is when your core temperature rises to 37-40°C. Levels of water and salt in the body starts to drop, and you will feel faint, nauseous, and sweat a lot (I did not mention that above, but given that I had been running outside, you may have guessed). If you take a person with heat exhaustion to a cool place, and give them plenty of water to drink, they should start to feel better soon enough. Even if some symptoms may linger.

If left untreated, heat exhaustion can develop into heatstroke. Heatstroke is when the core temperature rises to above 40°C. Then, cells will begin to break down, you will feel confused, hyperventilate, and maybe even stop breathing. This is a medical emergency, and the sufferer will need to be taken to A&E. [Source]

So DO exercise, but DON’T go when it looks nice outside. In fact, if it is cold and wet, you will have to work harder to stay warm anyway. Win-win.

Buttered oven bottom muffin with ham; tea and honey-nut shredded wheat with semi-skimmed milk.

This has gradually become my “accepted” breakfast size. Thoughts? Too much? Too little? Just Right?

Spanish-style spiced potato wedges with ketchup. Last portion of raspberries, whipped cream and toasted chocolate dessert buns.

This is when I went for that run. Came back and necked an incredible amounts of water, and tried to find things in the larder that would help me feel better.

Olives and low fat orange chocolate yoghurt. Then a crispbread with brussels pate.

I did not feel that much better after the food, or even after a shower. So thought that maybe a proper supper would help.

Lots of sliced cucumber with the last of the pork and apple (and black eyed beans, yellow pepper, sundried tomato, onion, etc.) stew. Oat-bread toast with marmelade. Some squash.

Water count: ~2.25l. Look after yourselves out there in the heat! (However, being on British soil, the heat will probably depart soon enough, sadly.)


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