Food Diary – June 25, 2011 – and… job cuts in the emergency services

Stepping outside my “comfort zone” if you like: I know that 900 jobs may not be THAT many, but something about the cuts made to public services is making me feel a bit nervy. We know that corporate fat cats work for their bonuses, but there is something about cutting expenditure within health, education and emergency services that feels wrong. Would a fat cat ever consider trying out being a PCSO for a week? To see why they are needed? Is there a charity for this? I feel confused. Help me (in the comments please).

Apologies for falling behind in the food diary – suffered quite a bit of heat-exhaustion yesterday (26th) after running int he mid-afternoon sun. My bad.

Honey-nut shredded wheat with semi-skimmed milk; cup of coffee.

Managed to keep going until lunch.

Cuppa tea, banana, apple and pork stew with olives, toasted oven bottom muffin.

After which I did not manage to keep going until dinner. Oh no.

Raspberries, chocolate buns (diced and toasted) with whipped cream.

You know when you buy something new? And you have to try it out straight away?

Low-fat chocolate orange yoghurt. A beautiful thing.

Same applies for the next one.

Slice of toasted oat-bread. Eaten.

Then I felt that I could only allow myself a small dinner.

Spanish-style spiced potato wedges, wilted spinach and spring onion. With tomato puree and mayonnaise.

With post-dinner sweets, of course.

Two small plums.

Water count: ~1.5l.

Been listening to the radio a lot more recently. Could it be a summer thing?


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