Food Diary – June 22, 2011 – …and science “press officership”

I have been interning in the press office for nearly two weeks now, and am really enjoying the work, whilst learning everything I found that I did not know. However, I definitely feel that, despite having been removed from pure science for a couple of years now, my scientist-hat is definitely still (partially) on… …

*Regarding an item on fertility (read: in vitro fertilisation, in this instance) studies”

Supervisor: What do you think in this text (my first draft) might worry the target audience of this information?

Me: Umm… *thinks*

Supervisor: Well, really terrify them?

Me: Oh, that they [the academic] also works with animals.

For me, and many others no doubt, it is fully acceptable, or even expected that a science academic would carry out work in many different areas, separately, and that it probably is useful to be able to make comparisons. Though of course, prospective parents would probably panic, and believe that the scientist is the actual Frankenstein. Or something. So, perhaps I should think a lot more audience oriented-ly as I write. *Learn something everyday? Receive a lesson everyday.*

Now, yesterday’s (apologies) food.

Cuppa tea, two slices of toast with slices of ham, cheese and cucmber.

Then, out of pure laziness, I photographed everything in one go.

Everything at once: banana, apple and pork stew with cous cous, chelsea bun.

There was a cuppa tea at lunch too.

Strong coffee. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Then, of course, I did not eat everything in one go, and interspersed with many other things.

Rolos. Ate in two halves. (Well, seven then three.)

What then happened was that I had a commitment where there were drinks and nibbles, and I forgot to take photographs. I drank a glass of orange juice, a glass of apple juice; ate five cheese nachos, five skips and five mini cheddars.

Brussels pate, boiled broccoli and diet coleslaw. Go ahead and judge me.

Slightly rank looking dinner there, but it did the trick after a long day, with nibbles. Water count: ~1.5l.


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