Food Diary – June 21 2011 – …and SCC2011 in picture (yes singular)

Saw this great word cloud of all the tweets from Science Communication Conference 2011 a short while ago, but conveniently forgot about it amidst all work. So let us have a look now at this caption of happenings, and people’s ideas.

word cloud
Word cloud by Andrea Fallas.

Food. Starting with classic food lie: if you bake it yourself, it automatically contains fewer calories, right?

Half a mini-dessert-bun, cuppa tea, two buttered crumpets, low fat fromage frais and fruit'n'fibre cereal.

From what I have heard, it can be very beneficial to eat the right things before and after exercise. Ahem.

Pre-run: half a mini-dessert-bun (I went back for the other half later); post-run: triple choc brownie ice cream.

For those wondering how I got fat, see below.

Toast with ham, cheese and avocado.

And below again.

Coffee and a Chelsea bun.

Then you have food guilt by dinner.

Fruit'n'fibre with semi-skimmed milk; 'light' coleslaw; banana. Then a sample of my pork and apple stew (there was more in it than that), banana bread beer.

There was only stew because I had too cook something for my packed lunch, and you cannot cook something without tasting it! Water count: ~1.75l.


2 thoughts on “Food Diary – June 21 2011 – …and SCC2011 in picture (yes singular)

    1. Not much of it, I admit. Then again, I never advocated my diet as a particularly healthy one. This day is part of a short series, and I will allow myself to say that we all have up-days and down-days. You are welcome to make recommendations. Or do you reckon I should change the lot? :p

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