Food Diary – June 20, 2011 – …and some summer science funtimes

For anybody who has a moment to spare from their busy lives, or are simply looking for other ways to procrastinate:

Otherwise, I have picked up a taste for big breakfasts.

Buttered toast with ham, cheese and cucumber slices. Cuppa tea.

Have also developed a colossal sweet tooth.

Mint humbug.

Then again, perhaps it is not the big breakfasts, but the bread-and-ham combination.

Light one. Buttered toast with slices of ham and avocado. Coffee.

Avocado makes a return to my life. Amazing. Unfortunately, so has shop-bought pastry.

Study-aids! A banana and two Chelsea buns. Embarrassing.

As well as dinner-choices akin to putting a supermarket through a randomiser.

Coleslaw (light), nectarine; broccoli and cherry plum tomatoes doused in gravy, a crispbread loaded (even though the image does not betray it) with Brussels pate.

At about 2300 hours, I had a sudden urge to bake.

One and a half mini-dessert-bun. A slurp of beer (not pictured). A glass of milk.

Water count: ~1.5l, and that is about it for today.


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