Food Diary – June 17, 2011 – Considering food and running

Firstly, I hope you can spare some time to read “The way we eat now: What will future food historians make of our curious eating habits?” by Marina O’Loughlin at the Indy. It is not a diss-ready-meals article, but considers all that is available to us in this day and time (and part of the world). There are interesting quotes from chefs, food writers and the odd restaurant critic, and even the comments section include good banter and general ruminations about how our diets affect our lives.

Secondly, I don’t run. Well, I didn’t. Just before the summer I was facing the prospect of a major project, and decided that if I had better physical stamina, I might cope better with the stress that comes with such projects. Now, I like team sports, but running is so convenient that I decided it might be an easy-starter. Then I was told about the NHS’s Couch to 5k (stylised Couch25K, sometimes) podcasts, so I went with it. It is like having a friendly personal trainer in your headphones giving you tips on running methods and general encouragement. Nice!

Finally. Pictures of food.

Coffee, two wheat biscuits, low fat fromage frais, golden syrup.

Which clearly is not enough, as I was mind-numbingly starving halfway through the morning.


Delighted that these are in season.

I ate these gradually over the afternoon. Grill-kebab with lots of mayo-less coleslaw (is it still coleslaw then?), a MilkyWay, a banana and a honey and fruit flapjack.

By the way, that flapjack was VILE. It was so sugary my gag-reflexes were induced. Never again… that particular flapjack, that is, not all flapjacks. There was also a much longed for cup of tea somewhere in the afternoon, which I obviously drank before I managed to take a snap.

Fruit'n'fibre cereal with semi-skimmed milk.

Not enough for dinner…

Warm tortilla wrap with green pepper, red onion, German sausage and tomato passata, lightly curried.

I may be slightly addicted to that curry powder.

Water count: ~1.75l. Not bad?

Strictly speaking, I should be running today (18th), but the weather is unpredictable, and I got up slightly too late… we shall see. Regardless, I am going for a promenade now, so it will not be a sedate day. (sedate = study only) Do you ever feel guilty for not going outside at least once a day?


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