Food Diary – June 16, 2011

So, I got up at 0630 hours and went for a run. I inhaled half a mug of cold coffee before setting off. Then I got back and went through my morning routine before spending all day at work. I have now been up for nearly 15 hours, and am suitably bedazzled by the fact that my ceiling light seems brighter than usual.

Mug of coffee (pre-run); two slices of toast and a crumpet - buttered and sprinkled with sugar.

In my defence, I tend not to add extra sugar to anything, I just felt that I needed some extra energy.


Just like so.

Bacon bap with salad cream, crisps, banana and apple juice.

Think I got hooked on crisps too. Wonder if I would eat less if I was less tired.

Forgot again. Drink coffee too quickly. Have this awesome mug again.

I did say “tired”.

Milk and waffles. It is like being five-years-old again. Although, due to my ethnicity, I did NOT have this as a regular snack at five years old.

I am now out of waffles and devastated.

Two slice of toast - buttered and sugared (addictive), spring onion and cheese omelette, cherry plum tomatoes with light caesar dressing. Mug of tea.

Another lazy girl’s dinner. Only this one tasted good!

Water count: ~1.5l. Does tea count? I have not counted it.

I WILL be further discussing the Conference (SCC2011) in the weekend; but now you have a choice! Future of Online Engagement or Podcasting?


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