Food Diary – June 15, 2011

I have started time-delaying my posts as I am at work all day, and take sadistic pleasure in gradually spamming you over time. Please tell me if the scheduling device is working by shouting a rude word in the comments or similar. I am a press officer. Not for a living, no. Well, not yet anyway. You know what being a press officer involves? A lot of caffeine (and some sleep). This means that I was not able to see the lunar eclipse. Imagine watching the lunar eclipse from the Moon? You would be able to see all the Earth’s sunrises and sunsets at once. Amazing.

Cheese and ketchup on toast. What do you mean "vile"?!


Forgot to photograph coffee, so have this awesome knuckle duster mug by karichdesign instead.

Then a totally oversized lunch.

Chicken caesar salad (minus parmesan) in a baguette, BBQ rib crisps, nectarine, and 500 ml Diet Coke.

Snack upon re-entry into domicile, awarded for not screwing up too much on first day on post.

Milky coffee and two waffles.

Lazy girl’s dinner.

Soup noodles with German sausage and carrot sticks. I shall not be repeating this dish again.

Water count: ~1l I think. Really terrible. Perhaps running day (I go every other day) will put that one right.

My other blog is taking a hiatus at the moment (yes it is thematic, not it is not a television blog), so I shall do my best to post not-only food diary entries here. There was plenty more fun stuff at the science communication conference that need mentioning!


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