Food Diary – June 14, 2011

Do you eat little and often or have distinct meals at regular times of the day? I apparently vary. That does not bode well. Though I have turned away from the BROWN food. It is all red and BEIGE now. Hm.

Mug of coffee, two crumpets, two cajun sausages, a nectarine, and ketchup.

That was consumed at around 0900 hours. Then I forgot to eat until about 1500 hours, at which point I was starved like a loony.

So much so, that I forgot to photograph the lone bagel. Have a not-nearly-as-pretty one instead.

I lied. Made the classic mistake of letting myself go to hungry, and resorted to snacking.

Doppio espresso and a rocky road cupcake. That chocolate icing was astronomical.

Then I got home, and altered clothes by hand for an hour and got all crosseyed, after which I decided to go running, after a drink of water.

Which of course required a post-running snack. A large one, with two wheat biscuits, greek yoghurt, and golden syrup.

Of course, it was not enough. Dammit.

Salad on cherry plum tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, seafood sticks, light caesar dressing and chakalaka relish.

I like those ridiculously chemical looking seafood sticks. I live with it; I hope you can too.

Water count: ~1.5l again.

Another question: does your metabolism truly keep up throughout the day if you exercise in the morning? Will the adrenalin kick keep you going? Or will you fall asleep later at the desk? Is it acceptable to have a small piece of fruit before bedtime, as it allegedly keeps your metabolism going in the land of beddy-byes? (Yes I just wrote that! Mock me all you like.)

Now my friends, I have decided to take the leap, and moved my running to mornings. That is 0630 hours to you, and REALLY EARLY to me. As I am typing, the kettle is boiling so that I can pre-emptively make the mug of coffee I will inhale before I go outside, come rain or shine. Here we go.


One thought on “Food Diary – June 14, 2011

  1. Haha. You asked to discuss seafood sticks and I did… Well done on the morning running 😀 What time do you go to bed?

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