Food Diary – June 13, 2011

A good friend of mine introduced me to the phrase “ketching up”. Placed in context, I think they wanted it to mean “catching up”. I want it to be “the act of applying ketchup”. Just saying.

Also, I have a feeling the contents of this month’s plates are becoming worse and worse. Look!

Coffee and buttered toast. Mmm... white bread, it has been too long.

Followed by the obligatory empty calorie snack.

The last of the liquorice and fruit gums.

People say that one ought to eat the rainbow to stay healthy. Well, a) eating the rainbow would mean ingesting an awful lot of water, b) sometimes you simply do not wish to eat the rainbow, even when applied to your food. Sometimes, you want to eat a plate of food that is largely the same colour. It usually turns out to be yellow (think fish and chips and corn and mustard), today, it was BROWN.

Two crumpets, garlic and spring onion chestnut mushrooms, two cajun spiced sausages, two scrambled fried eggs, dollop of Thousand Island dressing, and seven cherry plum tomatoes.

Then I was productive, and allowed myself a mid-afternoon snack.

Coffee and two actually toasted toasting waffles.

And an undeserved pre-dinner snack.

Pre-dinner crumpet. "It's good for me."

I did feel bad after my brown lunch, so decided to attempt some fun at dinner. Unfortunately the dressing always end up looking “unfortunate” in a wholly different turn of words.

Tortilla wrap with four fish fingers, a lot of cucumber and light caesar dressing.

That should have been the end of it, but I was not tired at regular bedtime, and gradually became hungry again. So hungry that I forgot to photograph the food before ingestion.

Light fromage frais with blackcurrant jam.

Water count: ~1.5l. Think I’m stuck there.

I take up a new professional duty on Wednesday, that may well mean more shop-bought food. It will then also mean eating in front of others – maybe that will turn my diet for the better.

P.S. Running going well. By that I mean I mope along while the cheerful NHS podcast lady talks encouragement. No really, I think it is a great initiative – if only they promote it more! I will link you properly when I feel like writing about physical education science. It will be patronising.


2 thoughts on “Food Diary – June 13, 2011

  1. It looks like you filled the cereal bowl with water afterwards.

    Everyone eats a lot of brown food. Apart from my parents but they are on some weird medical diet that means the majority component of most meals is broccoli. I think they have a choice of a wide range of veg but they just love broccoli. Though I must admit broccoli is actually more exciting than pasta in many ways. If you say broccoli 5 times it starts to sound like a really strange word. broc – col – eee Imagine naming a child broccoli. Better than cabbage, sprout or cucumber but perhaps worse than apple.

    Glad the running is going well! I have lost motivation for gyming – sad face- but I guess I’ll get back into it.


  2. Oh come on my friend! You can do it! (How patronising of me.) I am doing the NHS’s Couch25k plan – I know! The NHS have done something GOOD! Seriously though, I will take that back. No slagging off the NHS. Especially now that they have been good.

    I did pour water into my cereal bowl – couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs and rinse it off, but didn’t want anything drying onto the bowl.

    Do not forget that the Broccoli’s produced the James Bond films when they were at their best, which makes the name cool. Broccoli is nice though; did we not have broccoli (amongst other foods) the last time we dined together?

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