Food Diary – June 11, 2011

Today, I went out. Actually, I spent the largest chunk of the day on a muddy field, listening to shouty rock, and eating a kind festival food. It was awesome.

Non-toasted toasting waffles.

This clearly did not go for my breakfast. Which continues.

Cuppa tea and chocolate raisins. Mmm.

As a responsible student (yes, I insist), I wished to finished the day’s work before setting off for the concert, which of course meant not leaving enough time for lunch.

Tortilla wrap with German sausage, cheese and beetroot. Perhaps weird, but nice.

Of course, upon arriving at said field, it was raining lots of small mammals. So we did what geeks do best – go to the library, buy miscellaneous snack foods, smuggle them into the computer rooms, and watch funny youtube videos.

"Really Light" Ribena and a chocolate chip flapjack.

Then, the shouty rock began. I think I ate an olive somewhere in between that I forgot to photograph.

Beef burger in seeded bun, with fried onions, slice of melted cheese, fresh (surprised? I was) green leaves, firecracker sauce AND Thousand Island sauce. Living life on the edge me.

Hope you cottoned on to the sarcasm there – sometimes it does not get across very well on screen, and I come across as a pompous twat… well, you be the judge of that.

No day on the field complete without a dairy ice cream cone with a flake and chocolate sauce!

Now, imagine a picture of some Carling here. I would like to declare that I am not an overly big fan of beer, and not a massive fan of Carling within that bracket either. It was a confusing episode where somebody else was starting to get rather jolly, though had wandered off for a moment without their pint, and us others felt we should chip in and drink some so they would drink less. Yes. Morality bites.

Post night out (with amazing fireworks, of which I may share a clip later) food: I am as big a fan as the next girl or boy of the early morning kebab, but my voice felt spent from trying to talk over shouty rock and singing/rapping along, to Fresh Prince in Bel-Air no less, so this had to do.

Water count: ~2l. Did I mention shouty rock?

P.S. Since I mentioned youtube videos, try this on for size.


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