Food Diary – June 10, 2011

New attempt to make sure I take in enough water throughout the day.

Various waters and squashes.

Being really hungry for breakfast.

Mug of coffee, nectarine, two slices of cheese and tomato puree on toast.

And before lunch.

Fruit and liquorice gums. Again. (Too tasty.)

And not so much at lunch.

Toasted pitta bread with tomatoey chestnut mushrooms and German sausage.

Now, I have stayed away from these for some time now, because I am capable for wolfing a whole 200g packet in one go.

Chocolate raisins. Might as well admit that I had about twice as much, but couldn't be bothered taking a photo.

I know that my oven tends to the hot side. Why do I not follow my instincts?

Overcooked cheese and tomato pizza with extra cheese and tomato.

True Scandinavian dinner drink.

Two chugs of milk. What a life I have! (Detect the sarcasm.)

Plus a bit of a pre-bed snack. Even thought it is bad for me.

Weakness for midnight snacks: Milk and waffles.

Water count: ~1.5l. Nearly.


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