Food Diary – June 9, 2011

Does anybody consume protein powder? Is it “good” (however we can classify that)? Is it only for those who wish to build muscle or is it generally good to drink after exercise? Or am I okay with yoghurt and/or eggs? Thankful for answers.

Had to get up really early this day, and was hungrier than usual. Is this because I had to replenish the energy I did NOT get via sleep?

Coffee and two slices of seeded, margarine-d toast.

The following has become a regular mid-morning snack.

Liquorice and fruit gums.

This too, but not for much longer.

The last slice of white chocolate and raspberry cake!

Thrown-together lunch. I need to start planning my meals.

Couscous, peas, chilli beans, fish fingers and sweet chilli sauce.

Mid-afternoon coffee break.

Earl Grey.

Also known as “fika” in Swedish.

What it says on the 'tin'.

Thrown-together dinner. I really did not want to cook today.

Eggy wholewheat pasta with chilli beans, basil, and slightly too much paprika.

Water count ~1.5l. Back on track.

In other news. I have writer’s block on my other blog. Anybody have good advice about that? Thankful, as always, for answers. (That should be my lifetime signature.)


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