Food Diary – June 8, 2011

Mug of coffee; two wheat biscuits with lots of Greek yoghurt and a liberal drizzle of golden syrup.

As you can tell – I have fallen a little bit behind, so we will jump straight in with pictures.

Post-exercise banana.

I seem to consume more junk after running, as though it is an excuse. Need to stop.

Liquorice and fruit gums. (I have nearly finished them, do not despair.)

My “old food” issues seem now to have shifted from fruit to eggs. Creativity (sense the irony) ensues.

Margerine-d seeded toast, friend egg. Two of each.

New fruit!


I swear I have become re-addicted to cake.

Mug of tea and slice of cake. I could get used to this.

More junk.

I said Nearly finished.

I appear to have taken up the eat little and often approach. Did I use to do this in November?

Cajun spiced sausages, broccoli, ketchup.

Water count: ~1.2l. I thought about posting as soon I had taken each picture, to give myself a better impression of when I eat what I eat, but I think one “picspam” a day is enough. To save all of YOU.

Addendum. Forgot about this.


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