Food Diary – June 7, 2011

Slightly delayed, but here we go again.

Mug of tea; two margarine-d sultana scones.

Which apparently was not enough.

Go on. Have another scone.

Then my friend came into my room and chucked this at me. (Excuses.)

Raisin and oat cookie.

I lost track of time, and ate these at lunchtime.

Fruit and licquorice gums.

Leading to a late, brief “lunch”.

Warm potato cakes with melted cheese and carrot sticks. Too much orange.

The problem with eating little is that you end up eating all the time. (Again, excuses).

Toffee sundae. Pitiful amount of ice cream! I know a branch near Portland Place where they are much more generous with the good stuff.

Then I ate some proper stuff.

Two margarine-d crispbreads, two cajun spiced sausages, stirfried celery, onions, garlic and tomato.


Slice of cake and a mug of tea. Lovely.

Water count ~ 1l. I need to work on this.

Short and sweet post today. More on the science communication conference, and food diary of course, tomorrow!


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