Food Diary – June 6, 2011

Today, I got some presents in the post. A compilation of the newspaper comic strip “Elvis” (standard issue in the Stockholm edition of Metro). I read “Elvis” every morning for a good year and a half and nearly teared up at being reunited with a neurotic, anthropomorphic turtle in his mid-30s. Deary me. Anyway, the book also came with TWO BAGS OF SWEETS. Life is dangerous.

I realised after yesterday’s post that it may be an idea to share a little bit about my own body image, I welcome any body image discussion in the comments by the way! Have always been a believer in Talking Things Out, and where better than on a fairly anonymous blog? I am 5ft3, that is roughly 160 cm, tall; I have not stood on scales for a Very Long Time now, but last time I was forced to do so (at a health check), my BMI was “overweight”. I have been overweight since my tweens, but mostly get told that I do not look it (out of kindness mayhaps). Now I feel that I have given away far too much information, and think that we should look at breakfast.

(By the way, is ANYBODY else keeping a food diary? Would love to hear about your experiences!)


Slice of leftover birthday cake! (That is raspberry and white chocolate sponge sandwich to you.), a margarine-d scone and a mug of coffee.

After which the mail arrived.

Fruit and liquorice gums.

Which had me hopped up on sugar until mid-afternoon.

Two potato cakes with a quickly stirred-together mixture of tomato passata, chestnut mushrooms, German sausage and spring onion.

Mid-afternoon snack.

Mug of Earl Grey and an egg custard tart.

Then everything took a turn for the worse.

More fruit and licquorice gums.

I mean it.

Nothing is sacred anymore.

So I tried to hold out until dinnertime.

That is not all I had for dinner. Banana bread beer. Too alliterative to be dinner.

No, I made these!

Apple, beer and oat pancakes. They turned out boozier than I expected in terms of flavour. With cottage cheese and blackcurrant jam.

Make of it what you will. Water count ~1l, which is really bad considering I ran today.


2 thoughts on “Food Diary – June 6, 2011

  1. Great that the package arrived (almost) on time- I hope you’ll excuse me for having bad impact on your sugar intake 😉
    The pancakes look delicious – I’m really wondering what the alliterative drink tastes like…

    I’m actually trying to keep a food diary now (without pictures though). But I daresay it doesn’t paint an honest picture of how I usually eat – my habits are quite different here, due to daily routines as well as Norwegian food prices…
    Not sure I’ll blog about it, but if your interested, I can give some kind of summary in the end…

    1. Maybe you could just discuss the results later in your blog. No pressure! I would love to hear about food adventures from Norway.

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