Food Diary – June 4, 2011

Aside from eating habits, you can probably tell that my sleeping habits could truly do with an overhaul. I suspect that increased exercise is actually giving me more energy, so I need to figure out how to structure training around work, food and sleep.

A friend and kind reader of this blog remarked that I seemed to be eating less fruit in the summer, which is indeed odd. Answer is quite simply: I have the old-fruit-dilemma. I let some pears and apples stay a bit too long in my cupboards before transferring to the fridge, so they are no longer ship shape, but can definitely still be eaten. Though I have gone off apples and pears for the moment, and am trying out different methods of getting rid of them before I buy new fruit.

Err… yes, breakfast.

Two margarine-d sultana scones, cuppa tea.

Came back really hungry after a run, and *drumroll* for the first time this month, forgot to photograph food before consumption.

I ate the banana, not the peel.

I do not like turning to fast food even if I am in a hurry, preferring to make a sandwich or the like instead, but fell fowl:

Curry flavour instant noodles, supplemented with some of yesterday's casserole (German sausage, broccoli and tomato with lots of spices).

I think you may guess what comes next.

Mint chocolate ice cream cone. (Last one in the pack - I have not bought any new ones.)

One gets hungry after a 40 minute hike up a hill to one’s (overly air-conditioned) workplace.

Packet of Maltesers. It could have been worse!

Late dinner calls for some improvisation. So I ate the remainder of that casserole with a scattering of cheese (pictured); for the sake of honesty, I also drank a small glass of milk as I waited for the microwave, and grabbed a handful of carrot sticks after I had taken to the photo and was too lazy to repeat.

Mmmm... melted cheese.

I am now also facing up to my old-fruit-dilemma, so I made these:

Not the cottage cheese! The apple and oat pancakes.

Water count: ~1.5l.

Tomorrow will be a special edition of the food diary. Get ready.


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