Food Diary – June 3, 2011

Day three!

Breakfast! (I feel like I have seen this far too many times before – do I need a new breakfast routine?)

Mug of milky coffee with a margarine-d cinnamon and raisin bagel.

I believe in even blood sugars, partially because it means a mid-morning snack.

A banana with two large dollops cottage cheese.

My phone-camera then decided to somehow fuse the picture of lunch with a previous picture, so I only have a thumbnail to give you.

Rice, celery, tuna, onion gravy.

It looks weird but it did not taste bad at all. Followed by cold dairy goodness.

Yup. These will definitely count as "sweets" when totting-up day arrives, but do they get a tick for dairy too?

Mid-afternoon snack at around 1630 hours.

Mug of tea; two margarine-d sultana scones.

Dinner around 2030 hours. (Too late? Let me know what you think!)

Cooked a sort of casserole with plum tomatoes, German Sausage, broccoli, onion, chilli, garlic, and slightly too much curry powder, which I tried to neutralise with some cheese. Ate all of that with white rice.

Post-dinner sweet.

Low fat Greek yoghurt with blackcurrant jam.

Forgot about yesterday’s water count, but I think I drank 3.5 litres (if my bottles are anything to go by) between these two days.

I am also attempting a slight overhaul on the exercise front: I used to take long powerwalks on five out of seven days; now, I run three times a week, try to fit in a badminton session a week, and will probably still be doing long powerwalks three times a week. Does anybody have good advice on eating ‘around’ exercise? Thank you!


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