Food Diary – June 1, 2011

Greetings my friends! Food diary is back!

In my quest to find whether or not we really indulge more in the darker months, I am now going to record everything I eat throughout the month of June. I did promise some statistics from the food diary of last November, which will be up after I have had some shut eye for tonight.

So, we shall begin with a picture as blurry as my eyesight was when I ate the depicted items. (Blurriness caused by latent fatigue – I hope to keep my otherwise regular eyesight for some time. *touch wood*)

Milky coffee with a margarine-d cinnamon-and-raisin bagel.

Straight on to lunch.

Couscous salad with iceberg lettuce, German sausage, spring onions and light Caesar dressing.

After which the snacking began.

Mint chocolate ice cream cone. The first of many this month. Believe me.

Managed to stave off cravings until about 1600 hours.

Strawberry milkshake and yoghurty flapjack. In hindsight, this looks full of chemicals.

After which I got into work and forgot about eating.

So I arrived home late and hungry and scrambled for yet another margarine-d cinnamon-and-raisin bagel.

This made me feel that I lacked other nutrients and variation.

Replenished somewhat by a banana and two big dollops of cottage cheese.

Seeing as it is the summer months, I shall be estimating the amount of water I have drunk by the end of the day. I know that as a scientist I should aim for accuracy, but water slips down too easily and I forgot. So! Water count: ~1.5l.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. You may recall a post about the Science Communication Conference from earlier on. Well, I went, and it was AMAZING. So watch this space for hints and tips I picked up from the motivational speakers and the inspirational fellow delegates. Cheerio.


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