Still busy…

Ashamed. Truly ashamed is what I am, for not blogging nearly enough.

I had always hoped that by the time I became (if ever, but see what happened) a postgraduate student, I would have learned how to manage 100% of my time. Now that this aim has been thwarted by my own impulsiveness, I shall settle for the second best – prioritising properly. However, it is not all bad, as the thing I have been spending a lot of time on lately is a real life science communication project!

My group has been allocated prime poster spots aboard the buses in our city to do with as we please. Therefore we are using the campaign to raise the profile of science in everyday life, using our physical publicity spots, local print-media, and new media online. See below for a sample poster, let us know what you think, and please ‘like’ us on facebook!

Do you know what this is? Have a guess in the comments.


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