Food diary, November 30, 2010

Well my chums, it has arrived, the last day of the food diary. Did I celebrate with large meals? (Ed: As I am posting this the next day, I can reveal that I had three cookies for breakfast and a ham and pineapple pizza for lunch today.)


Mug of coffee; two slices of 50/50 bread with margarine and morello cherry jam.

Mid-morning snack.

Spoonful of peanut butter; mug of tea.


Two slices of 50/50 bread with tomato puree and grilled cheddar; bowl of sweetcorn.

Mid-afternoon treat. (I walked for an hour in the snowstorm!)

Toffee apple muffin. It did not taste of apple.

Colourful dinner.

Pork, lentil, sweetcorn and spinach soup with carrot sticks and two slice of sesame crispbread.


Grapefruit segments, three ginger nuts, morello cherry jam.

Erm… digestif-replacement?

Three squares of dark chocolate.

The last one. What else?

Closing the circle, a mug of tea.

Food for thought: I shall do some totting up eventually – it is a busy time in my life at the moment – and perhaps provide some interesting statistics from this experiment. After today, I grant you that, perhaps, I have modified what I eat ever so slightly, due to posting it on the blog. Maybe then, I would eat healthier if I imagine that I always have an audience?


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