Food diary, November 29, 2010

Having decided that packing food and snacks (in a tub!) is a good thing, I shall now try to do it as much as possible from now on. Better to control spending and general consumption.

On another note, penultimate day of food diary!


Lacked appetite this morning. Possibly the result of late night snacking on cookies and cakes. One cookie; one cake; one mug of coffee.

I kept forgetting to photograph daytime tea-drinking, so will supplement with an old picture (from day one! Positively retro) each time.

Milky tea.


Lettuce, margarine, cheese and ham sandwich (in foil), an apple, water (in the beaker), snack tub containing two Viscout biscuits, two ginger nuts, four squares of chocolate, a handful of sultanas and a mint humbug; an apple.

Snacks were consumed throughout the afternoon.


More tea-drinking. I seem to find teas far more comforting than the likes of hot cocoa.

This somehow kept me going until arriving home at 2030 hours, at which point I had been splashed by two cars and was in a rather miffed, cannot-be-bothered-to-cook mood.

Some of the aubergine bake from the other day, with added ham and melted cheese on top; bowl of fruit'n'fibre with semi-skimmed milk; two oat and sultana cookies and a mug of tea.

Food for thought: Really enjoying the snack tub. Keeping a food diary has been good fun, informative, and I think I may miss it.

What sort of statistics could I derive from this that would be interesting?


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