Food diary, November 28, 2010

Today I made a day trip to the Big Smoke, and resolved to not buy any food on location, so effectively packed a whole day’s meals and snacks.

I cut it a bit fine with timings in the morning, and set off powerwalking to the train station in the cold, having only drunk half a glass of water – BAD idea. Then I sat down, for no reason, on a bottom-numbingly cold seat on the platform and ate

a large slice of malt loaf. Happily I had filled up my water bottle and was guzzling it down alongside. Hello brain freeze.

Realising that the malt loaf was not quite enough:

Introducing the snack tub, which shall now be a mainstay in my bag. Two Viscount biscuits, two ginger nuts, two mint humbugs and four squares of chocolate. Consumed as and when desired during the day.

Though one should not forgo healthy snacks.

An apple.


I was walking across the rear end of Westfield (the Wood Lane end), as I came across a Coca Cola lorry (doubling as a stage for a random, way-too-early, Christmas performance) handing out free mini-cans of coke. Why say no?

The coke. Sandwich on 50/50 bread with buttery spread on one slice, lettuce, smoked ham and processed cheese.

The day also involved standing outside in the cold for an hour, which is the ultimate, justified reason, for a hot drink.

Gingerbread latte.

Then I attended the commitment I was in town for, and errr, decided to see if the lorry was still there…

Mini diet coke. Handful of sultanas.

That ought to answer the question.

What ensued was more hanging around outside, waiting for the train this time. Another hot drink.

Just coffee. "The Good Shizz".


Same sandwich as for lunch (50/50 bread, buttery spread on one slice, smoked ham, cheese and lettuce); carrot sticks with garlic-and-herb soft cheese.

Arrived back home to be greeted with cupcakes, which reminded me to bake cookies.

One plain cupcake; one oat and raisin cookie.

Food for thought: Packing food is definitely the way to go on trips, provided you pack snacks too. In that way, you effectively impede the desire to splurge on “oh let’s have an almond croissant, shall we?”

P.s. Almond croissants are amazing.


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