Food diary, November 27, 2010

Food shopping day is always a highlight of the week.

Though it is always a bad idea to go food shopping hungry, as one tends to load up on quick (read: unhealthy) food by instinct.

Oh, I forgot, this is actually a midnight snack from the night before - two slices of sesame crispbread with apricot jam. I know it to be unhealthy to eat just before bed; if I feel the pangs, I would drink some warm water, but occasionally (often), I give in to instincts.

Now, breakfast.

Mug of tea; two slices of wholemeal toast with buttery spread; choc-nut-oat-raisin cookie.




Two Viscount biscuits. Essentially a round, milk chocolate After Eight with a biscuit inserted under the mint creme.


Portion-sized margherita pizza; ginger nuts, grapefruit and natural yoghurt.


Vanilla-mint tea in both receptacles.

Oh, go on then…

So, it turns out I had eight squares.

As I had come across some very reasonably priced aubergines in the shop, I decided to try and improvise something for dinner.

I did not improv the carrot. And I ate a handful of carrot batons. Not just one. Now, I made an aubergine bake (not all shown) with aubergine, red onion, red-peppered salami, cheddar and seasoning. In a moment of decisiveness, I took out a frozen lump of garlic and basil biscuit dough to make a pastry lattice on top. It tasted interesting. The pastry that is. Served here with a dollop of tomato puree.

Film night at home.

Harry Potter marathon; I joined in at HBP, with malt loaf and a handful of fake M&Ms.

Then went to make packed lunch for the next day – difficult not to snack.

Slice of Polish smoked ham; large leaf of lettuce.

Food for thought: make cookies.


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