Food diary, November 26, 2010

We are down to the last five days! I admit to being a November-despiser: for me, it is inevitably full of work… rainy, windy, cold… shorter days. It has been somewhat been salvaged by a few good things on television, but I am not the biggest fan of sitting inside all day. So, I am very happy that this experiment has acted as a thread for me through the month.


Mug of coffee; two slices of wholemeal toast with buttery spread; bowl of low-fat natural yoghurt with morello cherry jam.

A word for clarification: even though I do tell you what I put in my coffees and teas – I am generally a white-but-no-sugars-please person.

Speaking of tea…

Mug of tea; slice of malt loaf.

Which kept me happy enough until lunch. We decided to keep to our heating timer settings, so by lunch I had a very cold face and very cold feet (literally). I thought that something “kicky” in flavour would do me good. behold:

Two halves of a multi-grain baguette spread with Dijon mustard, topped with two slices of red-peppered salami, seven halved cherry tomatoes and two slices of processed cheese; oat-raisin-choc-nut cookie; make that two.

… unfortunately I overdid the mustard and ended up with a very warm face and cold feet (again, literally). Misery.

Now, what is this?

Iced cinnamon bun. Too much icing as far as I am concerned, but at least it is not of the royal- variety! (Which, for the record, makes me yak. Remember that for my birthday.)

Lacked motivation and inspiration at dinner-time. It has also been a fat-day, and there was incipient bloating at this point. Thus, I tried to go “light”.

Tortilla spread with garlic-and-herb soft cheese, tomato puree, sweetcorn, two poached eggs, paprika, basil, salt, pepper and dill; layered bowl of two ginger nuts, grapefruit segments and low-fat natural yoghurt.

I did feel ever so slightly afterwards. Perhaps losing the stodge does work.

Mug of Earl Grey with semi-skimmed milk. In fact, I am still drinking it.

Food for thought: is there a way to rid bloatedness without chemicals? Like headaches, it is supposedly preferred to let things run their course, but sometimes there may be an urgent commitment…


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