Food diary, November 25, 2010

Not many days left. I have felt a growing attachment to this project, despite its intellectual insignificance and lack of magnitude. However I shall arrogantly credit myself  that I have made at least two people think over their eating habits, which I have decided is a good thing. Question is, have I thought about mine?

Now, for what I have eaten.

Bowl of honey nut cereal with semi-skimmed milk; mug of tea; four squares of fruit and nut chocolate.

Actually, I think there was some fruit’n’fibre in that bowl as well.

Choc-but-raisin-oat cookie; lamb casserole with root veg, beans and puffed rice; one and a half torn up tortillas.

I did try to split up my meals distinctly today, as opposed to eating as and when.

Hence just one "proper" snack today. A mint humbug; two clementines.

All of this dissolved at dinner.

Arrived at home, starving beyond wit's end. Half a tortilla; two slices of red-peppered salami on a slice of processed cheese; tortilla wrap with garlic-and-herb soft cheese, three diced hot dogs and an enormous pile of spinach that of course reduced to nothing in the pan, heavily peppered; oat-choc-nut-raisin cookie.

Now, I decided to follow this up with a hot beverage and something sweet. Then my housemate decided to come in and force feed me something that was not of nature’s own colour palette.

Mug of tea; two ginger nuts; two "pink panther" wafers.

Food for thought: should I have had that other mint humbug I had in my bag before setting off home from campus? Would the empty calories have had me hyped enough to stave off food cravings while cooking? (Sorry, no carrot sticks purchased yet!)


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