Food diary, November 19, 2010

May I just say, before we embark on today’s barmingly sickening rollercoaster food-trip, that it has been snack-heaven. Also, I had a mug of coffee and a Snickers bar in the late afternoon because I went to a late lecture after an afternoon’s work and was so tired and hungry I decided to break my food rules – both in purchasing and missing photography. HA! I have also finished my packet of fizzy sweets AND the packet of raisins and peanuts AND forgotten to take the picture of two ginger nuts.

Two ginger nuts; there was some honey nut cereal and semi-skimmed milk in the bowl, but I forgot to take the picture before I ate it.

I need to stop keeping biscuits in my room. I inevitably seem to wake up hungry – with reason I hope, and head for the first things before I can get to the kitchen.

Cheese, ham and tomato baguette; a banana; white chocolate and raspberry cookie.

Shop bought lunch. Guilt.

Insert coffee and snickers here. More guilt.

Before they all vanished. Although it was spread out snacking, over four or so hours. Not that it is any better.

There was quite a gap between the coffee and snickers and dinner, hence the snacking. I need to do something about that.

Rice and peas doused in onion-y gravy with chakalaka relish. Cherry tomatoes and houmous. A portion of coconut yoghurt.

Coconut yoghurt is the best thing ever – unbelievably creamy and takes the mind off more indulgent puddings.

Food for thought: Life is what happens when you are looking the other way no? I suppose it is permitted to eat a bit of what you like if it makes you happy.


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