Food diary, November 18, 2010

I may breeze past today’s intake as this food diary-keeping business has made me aware of a couple of things that I am not recording, but could, or should, perhaps be figured into the picture.

First, the food.

Two slices of wholemeal bread with buttery spread; mug of coffee; two ginger nuts.
Peanuts and raisins. I actually had twice as much.
Southern fried oven chicken (am I not selling it well?) with rice and peas, doused in onion-y gravy. An apple, and, erm, half a packet of fizzy sweets.
Mug of tea; two ginger nuts.
Bowl of honey nut cereal with semi-skimmed milk; rice and peas doused in onion-y gravy with a smoked, peppered mackerel fillet; cherry tomatoes and houmous.
Mug of tea; raisins and nuts. I am sure there were a couple of ginger nuts as well.

Food for thought:

Merely things to be taken into account:

  • I have recently settled into a new place of residence, and had spent rather a lot of money in the process. Therefore, I have cut my budget to £30-ish per week, and am perhaps not eating everything I would like to (I am known to buy exotic fruit and fresh fish).
  • Eating times. I have a bad habit of staying up late; in addition, I only have one early morning a week, so it means that I generally allow myself to move my timetable forwards a couple of hours because I simply am more productive later in the morning. This really stuffs me when it comes to whether I eat a proper breakfast or not; so if I eat any bizarre things with my first meal, that is why.
  • Re-heating rice. I have been watching Jimmy’s Food Factory (which is excellent by the way – who would not want to fire a potato gun into a re-strung – with cheese string – tennis racket to make chips?). Even though I was previously aware of the fact that re-heating rice does not remove all bacteria, I have never felt “really very ill”, as seems to be proposed. Have I possibly been conditioned by the fact that I am Asian, and have eaten innumerable portions of re-heated rice in my relatively short life so far?

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