Food diary, November 17, 2010

Today has been a, what many girls like to call, “fat day”. Not only in terms of eating, but I woke up feeling fat. Sadly, I may not have done myself any favours with what I have consumed in the past 24 hours.

Two slices of wholemeal bread with buttery spread and morello cherry jam; mug of coffee.

Which apparently was not filling enough.

Bourbon cream shame.

Tried to make a light lunch, but did not fancy rice or lentils – my usual choice of lighter carbohydrates.

Those are diced frankfurthers (two of them), with two smallish baked potatoes on an extensive bed of lettuce, with sweet chilli sauce, houmous AND Dijon mustard.

How does one, in actual fact, spell “houmous”?

Mug of tea; homemade microwave-malt-chocolate-sponge-cake-pudding. And I ate it ALL over the course of four hours.

Sometimes when I post, I really forget what I have eaten throughout the day, and when I ate it, so for the purpose of keeping track of my intake: mission accomplished. So, what next?

THREE slices of wholemeal-bread-pizza, with tomato puree, cherry tomatoes and light garlic-and-herb soft cheese.

Oh yes, this was when I really wanted pizza, which I did not have at hand. Making one from scratch, including the base, is too much effort. I contemplated walking to my corner shop – a giant, open 24 hours supermarket – but am aware that it is lethal to walk in there hungry. So I made the above to take the edge off, and prevent a visit to l’hypermarche.

Mug of tea; toffee muffin.

I went there anyway. With my housemate, who bought muffins as a “house-warming gift”. Now I need some sort of revenge. (Tips? Comment below.)

Okay, FINE. I bought some other things as well; can you tell what these are?

Ginger nuts. Did you cheat?

Food for thought: leave-the-snacks-alone.



2 thoughts on “Food diary, November 17, 2010

  1. Maybe some kind of eggs (boiled, fried, scrambled) at breakfast sometimes? More filling than just bread, and it gives you meat-free protein.

    Eggs can also be used in case of pizza-cravings – try a pizza omelette!
    Make your standard omelette, flavoured with tomato puré and oregano. Add your favorite pizza toppings (I usually use ham and fried mushrooms).

    Another tip, similar to your version above, is tortilla pizza (the wheat breads used for texmex-food). With those at hand, you’re only five minutes in the oven away from dinner.

    1. Ooh, good advice there – thank you! Think I will also add quesadillas to that list of semi-pizzas. Is it bad that I have started writing my weekly shopping list for Saturday already? I forgot to mention in the blog that I have given up pescetarianism, as I thought that it was not doing anything for me.

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