Food diary, November 16, 2010

As we (I mean I) inch over the crest and begin the descent of the hill that is the photographic food diary, I think my stomach is doing the same. I have been feeling distinctly unwell today, potentially due to consuming a lot more processed food over the last two days than usual, though not too unwell to do my one hour’s powerwalk.

Edited: My system’s downfall could also be due to spectacular lack of sleep, and then oversleeping, and eating two mini-Daims in the middle of the night.

Morning meal:

Honey nut cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk; mug of coffee (and water, which I DO take for granted and do not photograph all the time); two bourbon creams.

Images are not to scale, in real life or to each other. May I add: I would love GIANT bourbon creams.

Midday-ish meal.

Two slices of wholemeal bread with buttery spread; two sliced of crispbread with buttery spread, smoked peppered mackerel garnished with dill; grapefruit.

Afternoon snack.

Chocolate viennese. I had two, OKAY?! I admit it.

Breaking news: I am all out of chocolate viennese biscuits. At last.

Evening meal: the contents were consumed over the course of three hours.

Wholewheat spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, smoked peppered mackerel, dill and garlic-and-herb soft cheese (light); two bourbon creams; two slices of crispbread with buttery spread and morello cherry jam; an apple.

After this I started to feel weird stomach… motions. Not quite pains, but just… an odd feeling. I did not feel full, due to spacing out of eating, and I do not think food passes through fast enough to affect your body that quickly. So I made some tea.

Mug of tea; shameful spoon of peanut butter.

Food for thought: eat light tomorrow. Also, sleep and at appropriate hours. Good night.


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