Food diary, November 15, 2010

You would have thought that living in Scandinavia would get one conditioned to rising in the dark. And you would be right. I was surprisingly awake at 0600 hours this morning, having gone to bed at 0100 hours. The latter is the part I did NOT do while in Scandinavia, and in conjunction with getting up early.

Almond croissant; pain aux raisins. I bloody love pastry.

Yes, I ate both in one go. Deal with it – I have to.

Fell asleep on the bus back to town, woke up incredibly bleary-eyed. Got myself a pathetically half-filled mug of cappuccino.

Remember at this point I had still not landed home from setting off yesterday morning. And that I did not dine last night. And that I ingested breakfast at 0730 hours.


That is a beef burger (forgot mass) in a floury bun with four onion rings and Mexican cheese (terrible, rubbery stuff); side salad; curly fries; dollops of mayonnaise, salsa, tomato ketchup and sweetcorn relish.

Halfway through afternoon duties:

Ginger and dark chocolate chip flapjack. Ginger is completely underrated as an ingredient.

As my Mondays are timetabled from 1000 hours until 2000 hours, a but more fuel, and excitants (is that a word?), is needed at around 1700 hours.

Mug of anonymous tea (either Ceylon or English breakfast, my friend mixed them up); an apple.

THEN, I finally arrived home, after powerwalking another half hour in the bitter cold, to this!

I only had four squares. Well, wavy oblongs. Promise!

Did decide that a warm meal may be needed

Root vegetable, bacon and bean soup. Only I reduced it too much by forgetting it on the hob, so it became a stew.

Food for thought: I am definitely falling for warming soups and stews all over again. They tend to be hearty but calorific; so I shall be in the kitchen trying to get over those less pleasant factors. Got advice? You know where to comment!



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