Food diary, November 14, 2010

Set off first thing in the morning for London and various errands. This means a whole 18 hours of eating various shop bought items. Let us see how it went…

Honey nut cereal with semi-skimmed milk.

Oh yes, I ate breakfast at home. Thank goodness for that, otherwise may have keeled over on my powerwalk, complete with rucksack, to the bus station.

Powerwalking for half an hour deserves a snack methinks. Chocolate viennese.

Might as well be honest about this:

Another one, but later on in the two hour bus journey.

It irritates me that even Boots meal deals and all other chain retailers of food retail their foods at higher prices in London.

Chargrilled chicken, basil and spinach pasta salad with some sort of tomatoey stuff; banana smoothie; yoghurt pot with crumble.

Mid-afternoon hunger. More sweet things.

Apricot flapjack bar with yoghurt topping. Apparently it is vegan and wheat free. I shall have to stop eating them.
An apple.
Coffee. Yesss...
The remainder of a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Remainder as in when I could finally tear myself away from the rim to take a photograph. This is my first hot chocolate of the winter.

I was busy all evening and did not have time to eat dinner.

The only thing I consider acceptable as a meal at 2330 hours: three clementines.

All other things consumed at 2330 hours are generally referred to as doner kebabs.

Food for thought: more savoury, healthy snacks. Any advice? You know where to comment!


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