Food diary, November 13, 2010

Weekend equals food shopping. Times two. Though not for greed, but for budget sake – why shop in one place when shopping in two places can halve the expense (and provide fresher vegetables)?

Here we go.

Grapefruit; mug of coffee; wholemeal toast with olive spread.

Yes yes, that is another stack of toast. Medium sliced!

Lunch after food-shopping, part uno.

Broiled (I think) tuna and broad beans in seasone yoghurt; two chipatti flatbreads.

I seriously have been a biscuit free lady for some time. Nobody said anything about cookies. Thus:

Three bourbon creams. I am no addict.

And what goes well with biscuits?

Mug of tea; spoonful of peanut butter.

Focus on the tea please!

Two frankfurters; broad beans; chakalaka relish.

The problem with realising too late that you have left cooking dinner too late is that the result is often revolting looking, despite the intention of it being not-too-stodgy.

Honey nut cornflakes with milk.

Post-dinner sweet AND carbs. Clever, eh?

Food for thought: shop with more structure and plan meals. I am very good at repleninshing empty pantries, but never have proper meal ingredients.


2 thoughts on “Food diary, November 13, 2010

  1. I worried that reading this is somehow voyeuristic. Like Facebook makes you suddenly interested in the minute details of others’ daily lives so this blog makes me wonder what everyone eats!

    I blame having a dietetian for a mother.

    1. Could it be a good thing though? If it makes us more aware of our eating habits and reflect on what can be improved? In the end, we are the generation with the false sense of “choice” of luxurious pre-packaged puddings and crispy potato goods, and so on. Then again, light entertainment is part of my purpose too.

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