Food diary, November 10, 2010

Hopefully the structured eating technique will show up better today. Only I have slight stomach cramps as I type. Odd.

A banana; two sultana scones with natural yoghurt; mug of coffee.

I may maintain this as my standard breakfast for a while. Makes me look forward to getting out of bed, with its unhealthiness.


Pancakes. I made eight and ate four. Olive spread and apricot jam ahoy.

Every time I decide to make pancakes it becomes a rejuvenation of  my love for them, so why do I not make them any more often?

Garlic and basil biscuits with reduced-fat homous. TWO biscuits were consumed.

There was also this for lunch, because sadly, my thin pancakes are not THAT filling.

Bunch of grapes.

Post-main-meal sweet.

Mug of tea; chocolate viennese.

Mid-afternoon snacking. Perhaps I should put a healthier spin on this too.

Two clementines.

There we go!


Boiled rice, sauteed green peppers with LOTS of garlic and black pepper, giant dollop of homous.

And finally…

Chocolate Viennese.

Could not resist.

Food for thought: have better self-discipline.


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