Food diary, November 09, 2010

Mug of coffee; fruit'n'fibre with semi-skimmed milk; slice of malt loaf.

Trying to implement a more regular eating pattern. Let us see how it went. Although I am worried that I am making up for fewer eating occasions with larger meals. Is that any healthier?

Orange juice, straight from the jug. For I am a classy, classy bird.

Not sure if that constitutes a “snack” or not?

Egg fried rice with peas and seasoning; cheese and chive chicken escalope. With tomato puree.

Ooh, I think this may be where the snacking begins.

Chocolate viennese.

The problem with these is that I purchased a 16-pack.


These only come in eight packs.

I was asked to go along to this year’s Stirling lecture, held by Hugh Brody (who does amazing anthropology work with the San people of the southern Kalahari), which apparently came with a buffet.

Roast beef finger sandwich; salmon, cucumber and parsley finger sandwich; vegetable tempura; grilled chicken skewer; tomato quiche; slice of BBQ sausage; two nachos. Two sultana scones with natural yoghurt; handful of grapes. The food to the right was not included in the buffet. Neither was the plate.

That looks like an awful lot. Though because I am still awake…

... two mini-daim.

Food for thought: I am actually up, re-discovering The Good Life (of 1970s fame), and absolutely loving it. I made some failed attempts at growing my own vegetables earlier in the year, but am absolutely feeling up for trying again next year!


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