Food diary, November 08, 2010

One week mark!

I have decided to go back to good old cereal. What’s not to love? (Ed.: the fact that it is cold. It may be time to revert to porridge – warm, delicious, and provides a good energy boost for my uphill trek to campus.)

Fruit'n'fibre with milk. A mug of tea may also have been involved.

After walking uphill in the wind and rain, pondering the advancement of science communication since the invention of the steam-driven printing press, a little encouragement to hang-on-’til-lunch was needed.

Compulsory mid-morning coffee and chocolate viennese.

It was freezing at lunch, which always calls for hot food.

A rather boring cheese Cornish pasty. Is it not no longer Cornish if it does not contain the correct filling?

And maybe a post-main-meal-sweet.

Peanut butter and apricot jam on wholemeal bread; clemetine.

Watching a video, even an interesting one where the Science and Techonology Select Committee puts some pharmaceutical professoinals in their place, in the dark, in the afternoon is never the best of ideas.

Compulsory mid-afternoon coffee and mint aero bar.

Carbs make you sleepy. Protein keeps you awake. Coffee is coffee. Fruit teas smell wonderful and taste generic.

Cure for cold weather: Continental apple tea.

I voluntarily go to a lecture series on Mondays on various global issues; they are very well presented, and the speakers are very engaging, though they do not completely make up for the postponed dinner. Cue…

Peanut butter and apricot jam on wholemeal bread again.

Packed semi-dinner. Then, more general eating upon arrival home.

I do love malt loaf, almost as much as I love fruit loaf, and despite the vile photography.

In the end, I felt that I needed something mildly more nutritious to finish off my evening meal.

Fruitn'n'fibre and hi-bran with sliced banana.

A little saucer with a sultana scone and a handful of grapes may have made their way to my widened jaws later in the evening.

Food for thought: thinking about going back to regulated meal and snack times. Along the lines of breakfast –> snack –> lunch –> snack –> afternoon tea (non-posh) –>dinner at 1930 hours –> piece of fruit and malt drink. A family habit that has persisted is dinner at 1800 hours, and then random snacking throughout the evening. Only at home, ‘snack’ often means sunflower seeds in shells, so it becomes a jaw workout. Perhaps having a later dinner will keep my happy and full until bedtime?


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