Food diary, November 07, 2010

Fruit'n'fibre, semi-skimmed milk; mug of coffee.

There is certainly something culinarily dangerous about Sundays. I seem awfully good at staying in my dressing gown all day, try to work and stuff my face with foodstuffs. There is more to breakfast.

Basil and garlic biscuits with garlic and herb soft cheese.

I really quite like my biscuits. Only I suspect I managed to braise them by spacing them too ‘wide’ on the tray. Then we have my dried fruit-addiction to tend to.

All out of pitted dates.

Furthermore – snacking beyond all senses. Not particularly healthy snacks either, so there are no excuses.

...aaas a result, a chocolate viennese.

Sedate work actually takes more out of you than one might think. Though perhaps not as much as I am trying make it out to be.

A slice of malt loaf.

That is only the morning over. Scared yet?

Egg fried rice with peas and homous.

Post-lunch sweets.

Mug of tea; a pear; two sultana scones.

Which apparently was not enough.

A banana.

I did manage to make it to dinner after that without further munching.

Wholemeal pitta pizza; topping of tomato puree, cherry tomatoes and garlic and herb soft cheese. Seasoning.

Post-dinner sweets.

Grapes, and a spoonful of peanutbutter.

Ahem, midnight snack.

Two clementines.

Thank goodness the day is over. No food for thought. Ate too much already.


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