Food diary, November 06, 2010

Part of the idea of this food diary is to provide a genuine insight into a persons eating habits: the type of main meals, snacks and beverages they choose, and what time of day they consume each of the above. This requires not withholding any information and not holding back on what I really eat. So, bring on Saturday…

Woke up and thought "I could eat a veritable stack of toast right now". So I did. Three slices of wholemeal toast with olive spread; a pear; chocolate viennese; mug of coffee.

Following, is the sort of mixed-bag lunch I eat during weekends. Mainly because I have just come back from foodshopping, and have to “try” everything.

A spoonful of peanutbutter; fruit'n'fibre with milk; a slice of malt loaf.

After that, I did foodshopping round two. I happen to live near a giant Asda and a Lidl, which are good for different things; as I am a purse-string clencher, I happily split the shopping between the two, depending on offers and tried-and-tested quality. If it can cost me less, all the better.

Two sultana scones with apricot jam; mug of tea.

After a day of sweet things, I did the old raiding of my newly stocked fridge to come up with something fun for dinner. Cooking for one does not get any less depressing though.

Cheese-and-chive chicken escalope; sauteed mexican beans and onion, various seasonings; squirt of tomato puree (I have a slight addiction to that stuff).

Just a note – I am taking all the photos with my phone camera, as it would be rather effortful to take my good camera with me everywhere, hence all the horrible flashes. Apologies, but if I can live with revolting looking food, hopefully you can live with unnecessarily brightened images.

Oh, there was a portion of orange juice to go with dinner. Afterwards, my serial snacking took over…

Clockwise from top-left: orange juice; grapes; spoonful of peanutbutter; garlic and basil biscuits.

N.B.1. There was muching of pitted dates throughout the day.

N.B.2. I made those biscuits. Started out with a classic biscuit dough, but replaced half the shortening with sunflower oil and milk. At which point I thought they would turn out like a semi-blini instead, but in the end they did have that shortbread consistency.

Food for thought… still contemplating sugar-addiction. Should really compose a post on that, but too busy right now. Happy Sunday eating folks!


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