Food diary, November 05, 2010

I am polishing off a mug of tea and some pitted dates right now, accompanying the latest instalment of Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole – a little reward for handing in a big assignment today.

However, this is not the only treat I have had today.


Mug of coffee; two slices of toast - one white, one wholemeal - with olive spread. I thought I had cereal, but it turns out I had gone mad, and did not have any cereal at all, thus, ate a chocolate viennese while waiting for toast. Oh, and the next item.


A, quite frankly, overpoweringly sweet and solid brownie. Such is my state of hunger in the mornings. Toast takes too long!

Then I started being terrified of wrapping up the assignment and forgot about food for a while, until I realised I was absolutely starved, and had no time to cook. Cue, shop-bought sandwich.

What it says on the packet. Only it was so salty and completely stuffed with bacon it made me contemplate bulimia.


A banoffee waffle. Waffle, whipped cream, bananas and toffee sauce. I need to buy a waffle-iron.

As if that was not enough.

The first appearance of pitted dates. You will find that I am awfully fond of dried fruit and nuts.

I walked home extra briskly today, and surprise, was hungry.

A scone, shop-bought this time, and a giant pear. (Not to scale.)

Hunger aside, I was also knackered.


… of the instant variety. Due to impatience, I tend to go for granules, despite it not being as strong as the ground, filtered stuff. Unless anybody can suggest a good, value caffetiere, that works with coarse ground coffee?

Then there was a break, followed by dinner.

Warm (mexican) bean salad with little gem lettuce, ringed onions and Chakalaka relish (of which I added too much); with toasted wholemeal breadstuffs.

Post-dinner sweets.

Dates and biscuits (sounds like a lovely afternoon).

I have also done twenty minutes of high impact aerobics today. Felt like a right numpty, but it is a good workout.

Food for thought today: I am concerned that I may be a sugar-addict. Apparently a low-fat diet may cause sugar-cravings, but I do not think my diet particularly low in fat. So, what is my problem? Fatigue?


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