Food diary, November 04, 2010

I have had “Is This the Way to Amarillo” in my head since the moment I woke up. Fortunately, I have found an unlikely rescue in Bobby Vinton’s Greatest Hits. Not that there is anything wrong with ‘Amarillo’.

Opened the cupboard this morning to only one scone left; that simply will not do.

Homebaked scone with olive spread and apricot jam; bowl of hi-bran with 1% fat milk; mug of tea.

Then I went to the food shop, and came back with this (and some other things).

Fox's Classic Bar. Essentially a viennese biscuit coated in chocolate. I had two...

I completely lacked any inspiration or even desire to eat lunch, so decided to select random things from the larder and see what I could think up – no skipping meals here!

One and a half (too much?) wholemeal pittas cut into strips, with ham, broad beans and garlic with onion and chive soft cheese stirred through. (Note to self: start using creme fraiche.)

I had a mug of coffee with that.

The other half of the pitta, and a fruit yoghurt. Those pots are enormous by the way, so I am sadly certain that I may be overdosing.

Singing for extended amounts of time can make one surprisingly tired. But happy. But tired.

That is a sausage roll. I have not had one of those for Some Time as I am not too convinced by repeatedly reheated sausage-meat. Though piping hot it was.

The greasiness of the sausage roll made me need a palate cleanser, which I actually had brought with me!

A pear, which I forgot to photograph in my need to drown out the grease as quickly as possible.

Despite the best intentions to call that my dinner and be done with it, I did carry on working in the library, and arrived home after some hours, including a half-hour powerwalk, hungry.

What you do NOT see here, are two slices of toast with olive spread, and two mini-daims. Pictured, is a pear and a mug of tea.

Today’s food for thought: a reader and friend told me they thought I was a grazer – someone who eats little and often -, I was not so sure. Thus, I replied that my kind of grazing probably will not present me with a 100th birthday card. Time will tell.


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