Food diary, November 03, 2010

There was indeed another midnight snack yesterday, consisting of ham-wrapped chakalaka relish. Not too heavy, but I felt bad enough.

I ran out of grapefruit chunks for breakfast, and it was deeply upsetting.

Mug of tea; two homebaked scones with olive spread and apricot jam.

I have a tendency to eat my sweet before my savoury at main-mealtimes. Possibly to justify ‘needing’ another sweet afterwards… which is completely illogical, but bear with me please.

Banana yoghurt pot with chocolate coated, tiny cereal. Considering buying both separately so that I can choose what yoghurt and cereal flavour I want - surely strawberry yoghurt and muesli is better?

Lunch. I am not much for dressing my food… probably because cooking for one is depressing enough.

Wholemeal pasta with broad beans and cherry tomatoes, stirred through is a knob of light, sour-sour-cream-and-chive soft cheese, basil, paprika, black pepper and more of the Chakalaka relish.

This makes me think about the government’s 5-a-day suggestion. In theory, it does not take much effort at all: I admit that those broad beans are tinned, and I threw the cherry tomatoes into the pan whole, for convenience, and they are not expensive either. Perhaps those who complain about the “nanny state” are just being rebellious on purpose…

Erm… oh yes, the extra, post-savoury sweet.

Another mug of tea (Typhoo is not strong enough for me), and some dried apricots.

Now, surely everybody HAS to refuel at some point in the afternoon.

Ninety, that is 9-0, grams of badass cookie.

Then I realised that dinner was going to be late again, and felt that I needed something better for my system.

Ahem, I did not eat a banana-peel. I ate the contents.

I powerwalk for an hour every weekday, split into two halves, and always feel slightly hungry at the end of each walk. On my way home, I walk straight past both Asda and Lidl, and occasionally it is difficult to resist going in and purchasing some quick-fix dinner when I am tired in addition to hungry. Though I prefer my own version of the quick fix dinner.

French toast, better known as eggy-bread in my books, and pea-and-ham soup. Sure, the soup is tinned, but I still bet this is one up on a complete microwave meal.

…and the mandatory sweet.

Two mini-daim.

Which was not enough.

Toast with apricot jam.

Now I think we have seen enough food for today, but I better admit that I have just guffawed my last few dried apricots. Which may be a good thing.

Today’s food for thought: I generally attempt to operate on an energy out = energy in sort of diet, but am not a fan of going to the gym. I am more than happy to spend time outdoors, but as the weather gets colder, the desire to do so dwindles. Does anybody have any advice on DIY home exercise? Comment please!


4 thoughts on “Food diary, November 03, 2010

  1. It takes so much less discipline to exercise at a gym. I used to hate it to until I got to the stage where I couldn’t lose weight on dieting alone. Only problem with it is as soon as you stop you start putting the weight back on. I only go once or twice a week and try and do one session on the cross trainer and one class. At home exercise… planks and sit ups? there are so many different kinds of sit ups.

    1. Diet for me is never a weight-loss option, only to maintain weight, or perhaps boost fitness (I changed breakfasts drastically when I cycled to and from my daily commitments). I have actually take up old skool aerobics home-video exercising in addition to daily powerwalks. Though I am considering starting swimming again, as I find it relaxing despite the effort. 🙂

  2. That’s good. Haha I’m perpetually trying to lose weight for fun rather than I think I need to. It’s like a game where you can graph how good you are against time. I actually think I do it for the graph. I see it as a graph of will power. Really I should measure how much I procrastinate a day instead. That I need to improve more lol!

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